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      with grand chorus accompaniment. Then Wilse Hornback started and Hen Withers joined in singing the Battle Hymn

      'Till the storm of life is past;

      He knocked the can of peaches out of the Deacon's arms and ran his sword into it. A gush of whisky spurted out. The Sergeant took the package of cheese away and broke it open, revealing a small flask of liquor.

      "I can bet on you every time, even when I don't think it's quite safe to bet on myself. And, Shorty," he continued, with his eyes kindling, "it was worth all that we've gone through since we've been in the army, even all that time in the rain, to have the Colonel speak as he did to us before the rest of the boys. I'd be willing to enlist three years more if father and mother and sisters, and and Annabel could have heard him. I tell you, war has some glorious things in it, after all.""The whole division is broken and going back. Our brigade is trying to hold the rebels. They need us at once."

      "Suppose, now, I was a rebel in disguise," said the Captain, "what kind of a fix would you be in?"


      and the combs were the only things I could think of at the


      "How did you come to go into the spy business, Mr. Rosenbaum?"