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      After a time Marvor spoke again. "I am different," he said, "I am not like others."

      "J. O. S. I am not kild Hospital at Chattanooga badly wounded E. C. Bower sox."

      Maj. Oglesvie came up.

      "At a party?" Albin said. "She's a hundred and twelveolder than that. What does she want with parties? Don't be silly."

      The Albert looked downcast. "Can I learn without questions?"

      "Why don't you get a rope. Shorty, and tie the blamed kid to you, and not be pestering yourself and everybody else about him all the time?" asked the Orderly-Sergeant irritably, for he was deeply intent upon the prospective charge, and did not want to be bothered. "He's more worry than he's worth."


      "How can you be a commanding officer, when everybody else bosses you about?" persisted the argumentative Monty Scruggs. "Everybody that comes near you orders you around, just the same as you used to us, and you mind 'em. That ain't no way for a commanding officer. We don't want anybody bossing us that everybody else bosses."


      Si rushed forward with his squad, and in an instant they were knocking right and left with their gun-barrels. So many fell on top of Shorty that he was unable to rise and extricate himself.


      "All your infernal clumsiness," shouted Shorty. "You never will look where you're goin'. No more sense than a blind hoss.""Well, I've got to take off my hat to you as a forager," said Shorty. "A man that kin find a chicken in Chattenoogy now, and hold on to it long enough to git it in the pot, kin give me lessons in the art. When I git strong enough to travel agin I want you to learn me the trick."