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      "Thank you, Mrs. Hazelrigg," said Martin Disney, and then going over to his wife, he said gravely, "Forgive me, Isola, I was wrong.""They seem rather fond of talking to each other, don't they? Who was she? She's uncommonly pretty."

      "Oh, Martin, how can you think me so frivolous? I hate smartness and pretension as much as you do. No, I should never have dismissed Tabitha. She left me of her own accord."

      Lady Wyndover shook her head confidently.There was another silence. If he had loved her it would[122] have been so easy to talk; but he did not know what to say, and he could not make the silence eloquent with caresses.

      It was only five o'clock, yet the sky was grey with the greyness of late evening. Here in this land of sunshine there had been all day long the brooding gloom of storm-clouds, and a sky that was dark as winter.Im sorry, she said. Lady Wyndover is out; she has gone to the milliners. I am rather tired of buying hats and[113] bonnets, and so I stayed at home. Will you have some teaI was just going to ring for itor dont you take tea?

      Tho moon was in her second quarter, shining brilliantly, in the deep purple of a sky almost without a cloud.


      "He was always courteous to you, I hope?"