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      "Father John, you have come in good time," said the galleyman, who now approached the monk, and who was he that had been contesting with the two men; "for, good father, if my ears serve me rightly, within that berth is the Lady de Boteler!""Confound the hand that dropped thee!" muttered the smith, as he sprang on his feet. "John Kirkby, is not that Sudbury yonder? It is he, by St. Nicholas! Seize that babbling old man!he with the mitre!" They had now arrived at the altar.

      It isnt only his attendance there that I mean,{104} said Mr Silverdale. But you know his Stores are in my parish, and he employs some four hundred work-people there. I went to see him at his office this morning, and asked him if I couldnt have a daily service for them.Parson has got too much to think about, he hastily continued, to allow him to think of his own happiness. Isnt it true, dear Miss Alice, that we only get our own happiness when we are thinking not about ourselves? I thought about myself for half an hour this morning, and I did get so dreadfully bored. I thought how pleased I should be ifand how delighted I should be ifand then, thank God, I found myself yawning. It was all so stupid!

      "You have made him a freeman since then?" inquired Sir Robert.

      She began to knock, first softly, then more desperately. She must get in. Nothing was to be heard except her own despairing dinthe house seemed plunged in[Pg 316] sleep. Rose's fear grew, spread black bat's wings, and darkened all her thoughtsfor she knew that someone must have heard her, she could not make all this racket quite unheard.Then suddenly he turned towards her as she sat there by him, her head bowed over her workher delicate, rather impertinent nose outlined against the firelight, her cheek and neck bewitched with running shadows.

      Thank you so much, Mr Keeling, she said.{127} I shall be delighted to let you have the block if you feel like that about it. I will bring it back with me to-morrow, shall I?

      While Holgrave was speaking, he emptied the flask into a horn, and, handing it to the galleyman, the latter eagerly clutched it, and, with astonishing rapidity, swallowed the contents.


      "Certainly," answered the grocer, "everybody takes them at that rate.""Yes; Winifred handed me the bottle, but the child began to cry, so I sent her out."



      She saw people that she knew, but had no fear of betrayal, unless from Pete, who was, however, safe in the fighting-booth, now conveniently banished by public opinion to the outskirts of the Fair. Pete would "tell on" her, she knew, but no one else cared enough for Reuben to betray his daughter to him. She looked with kindly eyes on all the world as her accomplicethat all the world loves a lover is primarily the lover's point of view.Rose shrank close to Handshut, so close that the clover scents of her laces were drowned in the smell of the cowhouse that came from his clothes. She found herself liking it, drinking in that soft, mixed, milky odour ... till a cloud of stifling tar-smoke swept suddenly over them, and she reeled against him suffocating, while all round them people choked and gasped and sneezed.