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      CHAPTER XXXVI.Yes, to-morrow! she said, eagerly. And we shall go into the real country, away from all these houses?

      Perhaps the least talkative of the party was Norman; but though he did not say overmuch, like the well-known bird belonging to the mariner, he thought the more. He was seated next to Lilias, and his eyes were eloquent enough if his lips were silent. She felt his eyes upon her, and now and again her own sunk and the color would rise to her face; and once, when his hand touched hers, she trembled outright. Indeed, she seemed curiously nervous, and her nervousness increased when a little while after dinner he came to her and asked her if she would be kind enough to show him whether there was any place in the fernery in which they could put some orchids which he had brought home. She rose, still very nervous and with downcast eyes, and Norman leading her to the remotest part of the fernery, apparently forgetting all about the orchids, seized her hand, and with an abruptness which he had no doubt acquired in the wilds of Australia, said, with half-bold, half-fearful eagerness:

      "The dove might as well envy the mocking-bird."

      I wonder what that was? she said, with a smile.I know, said Trafford, with a sigh.

      She did not turn to greet him with a smile, but stood quite still, quite motionless.

      Is the bank closed? he asked in a voice rendered dry and husky by the clouds of dust through which hed passed like the Spirit of Life or Death, by the terrible exertion crowded into those few short hours.

      He put out his hand, as if to stop her, then went up the stairs and knocked at Esmeraldas door. It was opened, but by Barker. She looked rather troubled and uneasy.