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      "I am so tired of this place," she said piteously. "It is lovely; but it is a loveliness that makes me melancholy. I want to be in a great city where there are lots of people moving about. I have never lived in a city, but always in quiet placesbeautiful, very beautiful, but so stillso stillso full of one's self and one's own thoughts."

      "And that is"

      I shall not be long, he said. One cigarette only.They cant, said Lord Norman. Theyve borrowed money on them, and if they hadnt they couldnt sell them. It would be a kind of sacrilege.

      I hope you are not going to order a great many more dresses, she said. Ive more now than I can wear, and Barker doesnt know what to do with them; she says every place is choked up."Oh, Allegra, how can you talk so lightly of death?" said Isola, shocked at this levity. "To me it is always dreadful to think ofand yet it must come."

      Where is there a woman who can compare with her? demanded Lord Selvaine in the same soft voice, and looking, not at his nephew, but at the smoke which rose from his own cigarette. I grant you that she iswell, rather green, but it is the green of the lily, the freshness of the mountain ash, which will wear off, alas! before the season has passed.

      Blest if the Rosebud aint a musician! said Taffy. Keep it up, my gentle flower! Can you sing?


      "Why, Isa, where have you been hiding all this evening?"


      "Ah, you don't know what a Cr?sus I have become. You needn't be afraid of ruining me. My poor lonely little wife. Why didn't you send for Allegra?""I am very glad. I am glad with all my heart."


      She relented towards the letter which her feverish hand had used so badly. She smoothed out the flimsy paper carefully with that pretty little hand, and then she re-read the husband's letter, so full of grave tenderness and fond, consoling words.