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      They looked back and saw their enemies still after them. Ike had taken the old man's horse and was coming on a gallop. They knew he had a revolver, and shivered at the thought. But both stooped and selected the best stones to throw, to attack him with107 as soon as he came within range. They halted a minute to get their breath and nerve for the good effort. Ike had reached a steep, difficult part of the road, where his horse had to come down to a walk and pick his way.But the comrades would not be dissuaded, and be fore Si and Shorty went to sleep they had between ,000 and ,000 of their comrades' money stowed in various safe places about their personages.

      I see it! Dick located the tiny light well below them."They'll fit better if they dry on us," remarked Shorty. "And I'm afraid we'll warp, splinter and check if we are exposed to this sun any longer after all the soakin' we've bin havin' for the past 10 days."

      "She blowed the horn at my orders, to inform my neighbors, and she wuz gwine on an arrant for me. Whatever she done I ordered her to do. Yo'uns kin visit hit all on my head. But hit wa'n't nothin' agin yo'uns or the Southern Confederacy."Why? asked Larry, in his practical way.

      Si even went to the point of declaring that it was almost as good as the things he used to eat at home, which was the highest praise he could possibly give to any food. Si never found anywhere victuals or cooking to equal that of his mother.

      "All right," said Shorty, with cheerful alacrity. "Johnny, your ticket for a brimstone supper's made out. How'd you rather be shotstandin' or kneelin'?"

      What was that?"'Tain't so. It's a lie. If hit wuzzent for the148 Dutch and Irish you hire, you couldn't fight we'uns at all."


      The three comrades were busy from then on.And Im glad Im done with this-here amphibian, he added. Had more trouble than I ever had before. I think the crates hoodooed.


      Sandy, watching their confidant stroll toward the closed mansion, turned a cold face to Dick.


      frontispiecee (114K)Jeff did not share Larrys smile. He imitated Sandys scowl.