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      "Jest as long as we're 'round, I s'pose!" said Si.Close Call for Rosenbaum. 54

      "Why of course!" he said. "It's absurd." But there was no real conviction in his tones.With the quickness of a cat, Rosenbaum had sidled near the door through which they had come. Suddenly he fired two shots into the ceiling, and sprang through the door so quickly that Si had merely the chance to fire a carefully-aimed shot through the top of his hat. Si jumped toward the door again, and fired a shot in the air, for still further make-believe. He would waste no more, but reserve the other four for Bolivar, if he should need them.

      "Continue your speech at headquarters," said the Sergeant, as he moved off. "I haven't time to listen to it now. You'd better save your breath till then, for you'll have to do some mighty slick talkin' to save your spying neck, I can tell you that."

      "Suppose you find him and he refuses to give himself up?"

      "And, Pap," continued Si, encouraged by the reception of this suggestion, "there's poor Bill Ellerlee, who lost his leg in the fight. He used to drink awful hard, and most of his money went down his throat. He's got a wife and two small children, and they hain't a cent to live on, except what the neighbors gives. Why not put up 0 in an express pack age and send it to him, marked 'from an unknown friend?'"

      "Don't be funny, Skeezics," said Shorty severely. "Know anything about it? Mighty nice place, ain't it?"


      "Feet hurt, Si, and goin' to rest a little?""Shorty," said he, "I shouldn't wonder if I could find a blanket and an overcoat. You keep on holding that hole down, and I'll go out agin. I won't be gone long, for I'm dead tired. Just as soon as I find an overcoat or a blanket to put between us and the mud, I'll come back and we'll lay down. Every joint in me aches."