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      At the front door Pendleton attempted to recover his dignity. "Now I trust you'll favor me with some explanation," he began.

      "He'll repent a heap," said Shorty incredulously. "He'll lay around the house for the next six months, studyin' up new deviltry, and what he can't think of that secesh mother o' his'll put him up to. Co. Q, and particularly the Hoosier's Rest, is the only place you'll find a contrite heart and a Christian spirit cultivated."

      "I believe you'd make a good hater," he hazarded.

      "But what do you know about Riever?" asked Don.

      "But I'm not! I..."



      Riever ground his teeth secretly. "How can you be sure?" he said with a great air of solicitude. haven't kild enny rebbles yet. I hain't even seen one except


      "I won't answer you now," she murmured.