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      And he returns the compliment tenfold, remarked Norman. You are to have your portrait painted by Millaisbut perhaps I ought to have left Trafford to tell you that.Who is he? he asked.

      Its the old noise, the old sound! she whispered, tremulously.Dont say a word! she said, with an impatient movement of her head. I have seen you together since she has been here; I have seen her look at you, have heard her voice when she spoke to you. I have learned a great deal since I came to this London of yours. I know what these grand ladies are. Do you think I havent listened to the stories of Lady Wyndover and other women? Do you think I dont know how they live, how little they care what they do, what other womens hearts they break, so that they can have their own way? You think I dont know that Lady Ada says to herself, that though you may be my husband, you really belong to her?

      Yes, sir, said Trafford. And you are quite well, I hope.

      He stood looking at her under his knit brows in silence. What could he say? She laughed hysterically.

      [336]He seemed reluctant to do even this; but at last he put his hand on her firm, strong shoulder, and with a great effort scrambled into the saddle.


      She was still standing in the center of the room, looking round her, when Lady Wyndover entered. She was in evening dress, though not in full war-paint, and Esmeralda gazed with grave wonder at the black lace frock, from which her[62] ladyships neck and arms issued like white marble. Lady Wyndover looked her ward up and down.I couldnt do it! he said. Id rather stop here till I died!


      Not here? I saw in the papers that she was hereill. Where is she, then?


      No; but I think they will last longer for you than they do for most of us. But you must remember that I am an old man moralizing to a young girl.