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      "I don't know however the children got on before Miss Leland came," said the coachman's wife. "They seem to look to her for everything."

      Mme. de Valence, whatever may have been the follies of her youth, was a woman generally beloved for her kind, affectionate, generous disposition, she was devoted to her mother and children, and Mme. de Genlis in her joy at seeing her and France again, to say nothing of the other relations and friends whose affection made so large a part of her happiness, was consoled for the sorrows of her past life.

      "All married people are fools on occasion," answered Mrs. Hazelrigg. "I have often quarrelled desperately with Daniel about a mere nothingnot because he was wrong, but because I wanted to quarrel. That kind of thing clears the airlike a thunderstorm. One feels so dutiful and affectionate afterwards. Dan gave me this sapphire ring after one of our biggest rows," she added, holding up a sparkling finger.I am having some new things made by a lady named CeriseLady Wyndover called her madame, though I dont know whyand I shant want these. You can have them, if you like. I think theyre pretty enough, but Lady Wyndover doesnt.

      Name! Oh! my name is the devil, and he hurried away.

      He caught her to his breast as he spoke, and kissed the pale sweet face, with a kind of defiant rapture, as if he challenged Fate to do him any harm. The pain of separation from that fair young wife had been so keen an agony that there was a touch of savage exultancy in the joy of re-unionsome such fierce gladness as a knight-crusader might have felt in days of old, coming back to his beloved after years of war and travel.

      It was two months after Allegra's wedding-day, and Martin Disney had been warned that the closing hour of the young life he had watched so tenderly was not far off. It might come to-morrow; or it might not come for a week; or the lingering flame might go flickering on, fainting and reviving in the socket, for another month. He must hold himself prepared for the worst. Death might come suddenly at the last, like a thief in the night; or by stealthy, gradual steps, and slowest progress from life to clay.


      In the keen, fresh October afternoons, there was no walk Allegra loved better than the walk to Neptune Point, and higher up by winding footpaths to the Rashleigh Mausoleum, fitting sepulchre for a race born and bred in the breath of the sea; a stately tomb perched on a rocky pinnacle at the end of a promontory, like a sea-bird's nest overhanging the wave.


      Our client was so justly incensed by the undutiful conduct of his daughter that he refused to see her, anderin fact, disowned her. She and her husbandwho, by the way, was a distant connection, and bore the same name, Chetwyndedisappeared. Our client for some time did not permit her name to be mentioned in his presence, but during the illness which resulted in his death he relented.