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      Take them off! said Esmeralda, almost fiercely. Are you deaf?

      I dont know, she said, the troubled look more marked in her face.

      He sighed almost patiently."Oh, what--what? Not lost? Not--not stolen?"

      You might catch the twenty to ten, my lord, if you were very quick. I hope your lordship hasnt had bad news.

      "Louisiana Foot-Rifles--ah! but their true name," she protested, "are the Chasseurs--Pied! 'Twas to them my papa billong' biffo' he join' hisseff on the batt'rie of Captain Kincaid, and there he's now a corporeal!""Just a piece or two," insisted Anna. "Barely enough to borrow the amount." She backed away, Flora clinging to her fingers and faltering: "No, blessed angel, you must not! No, I will not wait. I'll--I'll--"

      I do not know.


      Dont you think you had better come back now?


      Trafford was silent for a moment.


      She gave one resenting sparkle, but then shook her averted head tenderly, murmured "Impossible," and smiled."I mean what I say. To you I leave her."