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      "This is the place of masters," Cadnan said. "We train here, and we work here, and live here. It is the rule of the masters.""But can't you see that he's the chief part of the tragedy you're bringing on yourself and everyone?He's the type, he's the chorus, the commentary on every act. Reuben, can't you seeoh, why won't you see?he's you, yourself, as you really are!"

      "Probably we've all growed," Si assented thoughtfully. "Just think o' McBiddle as Lieutenant-Colonel, in place o' old Billings. Remember the first time we saw McBiddle to know him? That time he was Sergeant o' the Guard before Perryville, and was so gentle and soft-spoken that lots o' the boys fooled themselves with the idee that he lacked sand. Same fellers thought that old bellerin' bull Billings was a great fightin' man. What chumps we all wuz that we stood Billings a week."

      The Publishers.

      "Give her to me, childlet me look."

      "If we form a holler square agin cavalry will I be in the holler, or up on the banks?"


      For miles to the right and left the woods were crackling with musketry, interspersed with the booming of fieldpieces.



      Reuben stood in the doorway and watched her come up the path, herself dim and ghostly, like the twilight and the flowers. When she was close he held out his arms to her, and she fell on his breast.In the meanwhile, little Pete had visions of killing big game in the mountain woods. The interminable forest suggested to him dreams of bear, deer, buffalo, elk, and all the animals he had read about. It would be a great thing to bring down an elk or a deer with his Springfield rifle, and then be escorted back' to camp in triumph, with the other boys carrying his game. He kept circling through the woods, in sight or hearing of the others, expecting every minute to come upon some animal that would fill his youthful sanguine hopes.