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      Little owls mourned far off, this way and that, and occasionally the bark of a fox brought Doug to a stand with raised ruff and murmured growl. Through openings in the branches, stray shafts of moonlight fell on the backs of the sheep making them look like little gray ghosts creeping along with bowed shoulders. There was a place miles deep in the woods where they passed a squatter's shack close beside the road. The nervous patter of hoofs brought a figure to the open door. In a curiously tense pose he watched them pass; transfixed; without a sound.Deacon Klegg and the Knight of The Golden Circle.

      "How're ye gittin' on, Shorty?" said Si, as he and his comrade still struggled along.

      "Well, you're caught! You've seen the last of the sun. You're done for!"


      "Open the door or I'll smash it in!"


      "Come 'long with me. Shorty!" he said to his friend, and they strode away. Just outside the camp they came upon two members of some other new regiment coming into camp with a fine pig slung over a pole and two or three chickens in their hands. Shorty suggested to Si that this was a good chance for him to even up.


      "I shall be all right," said Pen.