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      "No!" was the too eager reply, "It's here in the morning paper." They read the item. The visitor flashed as she dropped the sheet."They are not ours to sell," said Anna.

      "But," said Anna, while Flora enjoyed her pallor, "all that is about the first day's fight!"How can I help believing it? he broke in.

      But, dearest, remonstrated Lilias, gently, you are Traffords wife, the dukes daughter, and, of course, the mistress of the house. You must take the lead; and how well you will do it! she added, admiringly.

      Yes; and he knew that you had known her before she came to England; thatthat you had loved her.Trafford, dont you think you could love me a little? I know that I am ignorant and common, almost a savage compared with her, and that you have loved her for a long timebut I am your wife, after all, and I love you as well as she does.


      How do you feel now, dearie? she asked.My God! Ada! Is it possible? exclaimed Norman, under his breath.


      Its Lady Wyndover, she said. She knows all about this kind of thing, and spends nearly all her time studying it. I dont know anything. How should I? We didnt[131] wear evening dress at Three Star, and didnt see any fashions. Three Star is the place I came from, she went on quickly, and as if she were repeating a lesson: she had said the same thing so often. Dont you know that I came from the diggers camp, that I was quite poor until Mr. Pinchook found me; that I dont know anything, and scarcely have learned to behave properly? Though I think Im learning, she added, simply.But even as the thought stabbed him, he thrilled at her beauty; for the white muslin dress but heightened the effect of the wonderful hair and the glorious eyes with that strange expression in them.


      "He's always doing it!" laughed Hilary.