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      Sincerely your friend,

      "'What are you doing here, anyway?' he asked as he gathered up the pins unt put them in a pasteboard box.

      "My pen is poor, my ink is pale,"Something like that ought to be done in the army," murmured Shorty.

      But Si thought he wouldn't try to cross a bridge till he got to it, nor lie awake nights worrying over troubles that were yet in the future. Si had a philosophical streak in his mental make-up and this, by the way, was a good thing for a soldier to have. "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," was an excellent rule for him to go by.

      "'But who wrote it?" said de officer.


      Pen schooled herself to patience. "If Mr. Riever is really in earnest my going away will not make any difference ... It's said to be a very good move," she added slyly.


      "Mr. Riever didn't seemed to think it had suffered," Pen murmured slyly.