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      "There you go again." Dr. Haenlingen shoved back her chair and stood up, marched to the window and stared out at the forest again. Below, the vegetation glowed in the daylight. She shook her head slowly. "How can you give me what I want when I don't know what I want? I need to know what you think, how you react. I'm not going to bite your head off if you do something wrong: there's nothing wrong that you can do. Except not react at all.""Army o' the Cumberland, down at Chattanoogy."

      "Nothing. I'm fine."

      Her fingers plucked nervously at the sheet. There seemed to be a strange tickling irritation in her skin, while her feet were dreadfully cold. She wondered rather dully about the babyshe supposed he could not come to any harm over there in the cradle by himself, but really she did not care muchit was all one to her what happened to him.

      "As you were," Si commanded, steadying his voice with a great effort. "Every one of you git back as I placed you. Right dress!"

      "Go ahead, there, and divide them rations, as I ordered you, and be quick about it, for we must hurry off."


      "Bring a light!" called someone. A boy dashed up with a handful of flaming strawit blew out of his hand and flared away over the roof, scattering showers of sparks. A man yelled out that his shirt was burning. "Bring a light!" someone called again. Then someone else shouted"The constables from Rye!"


      "Nope," answered Pete. "But we both got awfully scratched runnin' through that brush. Say, wasn't the way the boys jumped the works and waded into them sardines just grand?"