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      "He always wur queer about Boarzell," said Mrs. Backfield at last; "you remember that time years ago when he got mixed up wud the riot? I said to his f?ather then as I was sure Ben 'ud want to do something crazy wud the farm. But I never thought he'd so soon be m?aster," and a tear trickled over her smooth cheek.

      When the struggle on the lower slopes of Boarzell between the damp earth and the determined man had ended in the earth's sludgy victory and a pile of rotten straw which should have been the glory of the manthen Reuben had time to think of what was going on in the house. He sent for the doctornot Dr. Espinette, but a Cockney successor who boiled his instruments and washed his hands in carbolicand heard from him that Mrs. Backfield's existence was no longer justified. She could not expect to work again.

      She found herself beginning to haunt the places where she would be likely to meet himthe edge of the horse-pond or the Glotten brook, the door of the huge, desolate cow-stable, where six cheap Suffolks emphasised the empty stalls. Reuben did not seem to take any notice of her, he had relieved his feelings by dismissing Handshut, and his farm had swallowed him up again. Rose felt defiant and forlorn. Both her husband and her lover seemed to avoid her. She would lean against the great wooden posts of the door, in the listless weary attitude of a woman's despair.She gave him sympathy, too, in a childlike way. She did not like it if he interrupted his love-making to tell her about his plans for Boarzell, but at other moments she seemed to enjoy hearing him talk of his ambition; and often, when the jar and failure of things depressed him, she would take him in her arms, and soothe him like a baby with"Of course you'll have Boarzell, my[Pg 252] Reuben; of course it will be yoursyou're so strong and masterful, you're bound to get all you want."

      "Malmsey! and in a villein's cottage," replied Holgrave, bitterly. "No, no; but here is a small flask of sack which a neighbour brought to my wife: she will little grudge it to a man in your plight."

      "Nobut we'll have to stay. F?ather will make us."



      "It is good," Cadnan said. "It is important."


      Chapter 11"Come forward, keeper," continued the baron, "and state how these arrows came into your hands!"