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      "Well, I declare to gracious," ejaculated Si. "But there's one left yet. Didn't anything happen to Sandy Baker?"

      "Right face!" commanded Si."You in the Secret Service?" exploded the boys.82

      "Not hurt a mite," answered Shorty cheerfully, "but it's the closest squeak I ever had. Wouldn't go through it agin for a pile o' greenbacks big as a cornshock. Say, Cap., you've made a ten-strike today that ought to make you a Major. That house's plum full o' contraband, and there's a lot o' important letters there. But, say, Cap., I want you to either kill that 'Squire or git him as fur away as possible. I ain't safe a minnit as long as him and that woman's a-nigh me.""I've bin studyin' on jest whar I come in," answered the Magistrate. "These two save their necks by marryin', but do you understand that the law says that the Magistrate who marries 'em gits his neck saved?"

      The waver in the Sergeant's face showed the temptation was a trying one, but he answered firmly:

      "I order you to take him out and buck-and-gag him," shouted the Provost-Marshal.

      "Could the gunner knock a man's head off, or one of his legs, just as he pleased?"


      "Now the Captain oughtn't to say that about the company," protested Si. "I for one go to church every chance I get."


      "Go slow with him, girls," whispered the Deacon to his daughters, after they were seated at the table. "He's a mighty good boy, but he ain't used to girls."