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      It is certain that the treasure-chamber rarely failed in its purpose. Here Callippides used to bring his victims, the unfortunates who were threatened with a dangerous accusation. Scarcely did they find themselves74 here when, on some pretext, he left them alone. As they read the gloomy records, read them by scores, at first with surprise, then with anxiety, and finally with increasing fear, there were few who had confidence in the justice of their cause. As they stood there alone with throbbing hearts, quaking with dread lest everything which in a short time would belong to their Past should make a fresh inscription on these ill-boding walls, the written characters gradually began to run into each other before their eyes; the red letters seemed to be inscribed with blood, and even firm, brave men were ready, almost without exception, to come to terms with Callippides without bargaining as to price, if he would only promise to let the accusation drop. In this way the treasure-chamber justified its name, there was not a little money in it.

      Manes got no farther; at the last word Callippides started up and covered his mouth with his hand.

      Byssa worked on silently; but she was not at ease and looked up from her weaving still more frequently than before.Almost below her breath she instantly replied, "I will not!" She stood at her full, beautiful height. "Together we go or together stay. List-en!--no-no, not for that." (Meaning the gun.) In open anger she crimsoned again: "'Twill shoot, all right, and Anna, she'll go. Yes, she will leave you. She can do that. And you, you can sen' her away!"

      [34] Lalemant, Relation des Hurons, 1641, 71.The Niagara was then called the River of the Neutrals, or the Onguiaahra. Lalemant estimates the Neutral population, in 1640, at twelve thousand, in forty villages.

      A drachma was slipped with the letter into Doris hand and, blushing for joy, she left Hipyllos with the best wishes for him and Clytie.

      "They believe that if you take it you'll keep it, and they say that the moment you take it you may go free, here or anywhere--to Mobile if you wish."


      But I do know something, Paegnion hastened to reply. He has, as you say, another name."Oh,--all our general disturbance and distress, but the battery's in particular. You know its very guns are, as we may say, hers, and everything that happens around them, or to any one who belongs to them in field, camp, or hospital, happens, in her feeling, to her."


      At last the walls were partially cleaned, but the water stood in great pools on the flagged floor.Fell,


      So its worth while, Friends, to be firm, he said. You, Hipyllos, he added with a winning smile, must contrive to have your uncle appear before the court.Clytie hastened to comply with the demand.